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Heat Transfer Powder Coating

Delivery Date: 2-10days Brand Name: colo Appliaction: powder coated aluminum profiles,other metal material: polyester resins and epoxy resins Type: Sublimation Transfer gloss: according to request sample: can supply for testing quality Application Method: electrostatic spraying Sublimation ink: UV-resistant ink suitable: metal product type: themosetting Storage: Store below 35 ℃, ventilated, dry, clean indoor
Heat TransferPowder Coating

Heat transfer wood effect powder coating

Heat Transfer Printing Wood Effect Powder Coating is the base coating .It can be widek\ly used in furniture ,metal door ,and any other metal products with big flat surface .It has a perfect performance ,effective decoration
Products of different gloss are available , namely , high gloss (above 80) , semi gloss(50-80) , flat gloss (20-50)and no gloss (below 20) . The gloss can be adjusted according to the customersdemand .
Physical properties of the powder
Density :1.4-1.7 g/cm3
Granularity distribution100 below 100(It can be adapted to the specific demand of coating)

Curing Condition
Depending on the types of different products . For detailed information , please check the instruction book attached to our products .

Coating performance
Testing items
Standards and methods
Inspecting index
Impact strength
Grade 0
Bending resistance
Pencil hardness
Slat mist resistance
Heat moist resistance
Heat resistance
110/24h(all color)
Good gloss retention,
Notations 1 .The tests above used the cold rolling steel plate of 0.8mm thick with preceding standard treatment . The thickness of the coating layer is 60-80um .
2 .The above performance index may slightly vary with the variation of the product types and artistic effects .
Average coating rate
A.      Smooth Surface :
6-12/KG, film thickness 60μm (calculated according to 100 consuming of powder coating)
B.     Texture Surface :
5-7/KG ,film thickness is about 80-120μm

The package of carton , the bag in the double-deck polyethylene of inside lining

The products should be stored in ventilated dry and clean room with the temperature below 30 . Not to be close to fire and heat and kept out direct sunlight . Outdoor stacking is prohibited . On the conditions mentioned above , the products can be stored stably for 6 months . The product beyond pot limit should be reexamined , and it can still be used if the inspection results past muster .
Avoid inbreathing dust when using the products though the powder coatings are nontoxic . The operations are suggested to wear protective glasses and respirators . Avoid long-term skin touch with the powder if possible .

Heat transfer is a sublimation process that a pattern printed on a film could be transferred into the powder coating under the effect of temperature. This process provides the aluminum decoration parts and metal furniture with a variety of effects such as wood grain, marble, granite and so on, and the result is so realistic that it is hard to tell what the material actually is.
The coating is flexible, so that the prefabricated steeled could be coated with this products before post-forming

Heat transfer paper
Our product heat transfer paper and film (sublimation paper and film) is used to transfer printed designs onto aluminum section or any other power coated metallic objects, through the process of sublimation transfer. We offer more than hundreds of designs and thousands of colors for our customers to choose from.
Heat transfer printing paper is sued to transfer print patterns onto powder coated aluminium profiles and metallic objects. End products used heat transfer paper are window frame, doors, safety doors, metallic ceiling and aluminium foil.

Heat TransferPowder Coating Wood-effect heat transfer paper

heat transfer paper
1.UV-resisitant ink used
2.customized design is acceptable
3.Quanlity guarantee,
4.promptly delievry

Heat-transfer Powder Coatings could be widely applied on:
   1. Architectural aluminum
   2. Exterior and interior metal furniture
   3. Aluminum doors/windows
   4. Security door
   5. Housing
   6. Residential or business buildings

Heat TransferPowder Coating

Heat TransferPowder Coating

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