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Portable Powder Coating Spray System

1. Ideal for laboratory use, sample testing, mini powder coating jobs.
2. Multi-functional controller allows beginner choosing pre-sets for different workparts.
3. 0-100kv voltage can be adjusted and shown in the digital display.
4. Classical and hot sell model in the world market, competitive price!
5. 1 year warranty, 1-2 working days of delivery time.

Portable Powder Coating Spray System

The portable powder coating spray system with 1lbs powder cup is perfect for laboratory use, on site demonstrations, small batch production, sample testing, home DIY powder coating.

Benefits of COLO-660 Powder Coating System

1. High transfer efficiency powder coating gun can save powder by 20%.

2. Pulse power technology allows to charge the powder continuously to coat deepest corners.

3. Adjustable voltage is suitable for any shape of workparts, set and read precisly by digital.

4. Control unit has one-touch intelligent operation buttons for flat parts, complicated parts and recoat parts, easy for beginners.

powder coating gun controller2

100kv Manual Powder Gun

With ergonomic design and light weight, the manual spray gun is easy to hold and operate. Effectively reduces the labor intensity of workers and improve work efficiency. Flat and round nozzles are provided to optimize your application.

manual powder spray gun

1 lbs Fluidzing Powder Cup

The application cup to the gun is self-fluidizing and easy to clean, making color change fast and convenient. Fluidizing plate in the bottom can make the powders more uniform to realize a better powder coating effect.

powder coating cup

Why choose electrostatic powder coating?

1. Powder coating provides an protective surface layer that improves product life and appearance. Once the part is powder coated, it is more resistant to chipping, scratching and fading.

2. Powder coating is also highly protective of environment. It produces no toxic and uses no solvents. Environmentally friendly! Therefore, there is no longer a need for finishers to buy and maintain costly pollution control equipment. 

3. Customers can choose their own color selection!  If they're interested in branding colors or just standing out, powder coating comes in almost any color. 

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