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The Most Common Uses for Powder Coating

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powder coating applications

Powder coating isn't only used in construction, but also in home appliances. Mostly, it ensures furniture scratch resistant and can even withstand a dent without chipping off. Powder coating also makes painted architectural steel parts resistant to heat damage, cold damage and even corrosion. Powder coating has been used for finishing metal items since the 1950s.

Most of metal products designed to be used outdoors are finished using the powder coating method. That way, the products' surface retains its appeal for many years. For example, tractors and other farm machinery are finished in such a manner that even exposure to extreme temperatures does not affect them. 

Powder finished products do not age and they do not corrode, no matter how much exposure they face. Golf carts, lawn chairs, cycle shelters and most metallic outdoor furniture is also finished using the process of powder coating. Road and direction signs are also made with this process. That is why they are not showing signs of fading or corrosion.

Metal cabinets for offices, office chairs and desk parts are all powder coated. This makes sure that they retain their appeal for the longest time possible. Other things in the office that are powder coated include fire extinguishers, which retain their colour even if they have been used to put out fires.

Most high usage car parts, like the door handles, window handles, bumpers and other parts are also powder coated. Radiators coil springs, shock absorbers and braking parts are also powder coated as they are mostly the contact parts of a car. Wheels, frames and other parts that face stress are also more likely to be powder coated.

Powder coating is the most frequently-used protective finish in the world as it is used in almost everything in our life.


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