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Tribo VS Corona Powder Coating Gun

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Both tribo and corona powder coating guns have been commonly adopted for particle charging in the powder coating industry. Depending on the application, tribo or corona powder coating technologies are used for different powder coating productions.

Tribo powder coating process is using triboelectric effect that produced during the close friction between material of gun barrel and powder to charge the powder particles. Generally, using tribo powder coating gun for weak electrical powder, such as epoxy and polyester epoxy powder coating can get a good painting effect, but for strong-electronegativity polyethylene, polypropylene powder coating, charging effect is very poor. 

Benefits of Tribo Powder Coating:

1. It can overcome Faraday cage effect and achieve high quality powder coating for parts with complicated shapes and deep corners.

2. Tribo powder coating guns can apply thicker powder coats, they also tend to provide a smoother finish especially with thicker coats, and no anti-ionization phenomenon.

3. Simple equipment without high voltage generator and wire to ensure a safe work environment.

Corona powder coating is corona discharge when the electrode connects with high-voltage electrostatic, and creates an electric field near the electrode. Work principle is to charge the powder particles as they leave the nozzle and pass through an electric field. The particles with negative charge are attracted to a grounded or positive-charge work piece which allows the powder to attach to work piece surface.

Benefits of Corona Powder Coating:

1. There are no parts that are exposed to the powder except the powder nozzle. Thus, almost no wear on the components makes corona powder gun a longer service life. 

2. A corona powder gun can also be used for the widest variety of powders.


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