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Encore Generation I Powder Feed Pump

Choose our replacement encore pump that ensures optimum application quality, powder usage, and running efficiency of your equipment.
Delivery time: 1-2days
Delivery way: TNT, FEDX, DHL
Payment: Paypal, western union,T/T
MOQ: 1pc

Encore Generation I Powder Feed Pump

The high-performance powder pumps utilize a venturi principle to deliver powder from a supply hopper to powder spray guns, using less compressed air and delivering more powder to the part that results in a much softer spray pattern. Powder pump parts are made of specially engineered materials for increased resistance to wear and powder impact fusion.

We supply the replacement encore pump ensuring same quality finish, but with most reasonable price!

 encore powder feed pump

Encore Generation I Powder Feed Pump Parts

1 1082203 Nut, pump
2 1085677 Kit, throat holder
3 940015 O-ring, silicone, 0.562 x 0.687 in.
4 1082201 Throat, Tivar
4 1084777 Throat, PTFE
5 1085678 Kit, body
6 941145 O-ring, silicone, conductive, 0.625 x 0.812 in.
7 241041 Coupling, quick disconnect, socket end
8 241042 Coupling, quick disconnect, nipple end
9 1096081 Connector, female, elbow, 5/16 (8mm) T x 1/8 NPT, no seal
10 1085240 Kit, air flow nozzle
11 940084 O-ring, 0.188 x 0.312 x 0.063
12 1082204 Coupling, pump A
13 1085679 Kit, pump adapter B, C
14 941145 O-ring, silicone, conductive, 0.625 x 0.812 in. C

 encore powder feed pump parts

NOTE A: The coupling is used with any system that does not have an Encore pump mount.
B: The adapter is used instead of the coupling with pickup tubes on hopper feed systems.
C: Part does not come with pump. Must order part separately.

Pls inform the parts code, we also supply encore pump parts.

Delivery Date:1-2daysusuage:for Encore Systems
how to order:sent email to us pleasehow long it will arrive to your place:2-4working days after payment
sample:paid serviceoriginal or not:not ,this is only replacement

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