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Tribomatic Automatic Powder Gun Parts


Tribomatic Optional Sprayheads and Nozzles

We supply tribomatic automatic spray gun parts, NON OEM, but 100% interchangeable with original.

All powder gun parts are made of high quality material, features durable, wear-resisting, and more economical. 

sprayhead and nozzles

N tube 16 sprayhead

8-Tube Sprayheads

630010 Short, 8 tube
630330 105 mm, fixed, 8 tube
630209 130 mm, fixed, 8 tube
630169 165 mm, fixed, 8 tube
630201 200 mm, fixed, 8 tube
630322 235 mm, fixed, 8 tube
630008 270 mm, fixed, 8 tube
630184 305 mm, fixed, 8 tube
630171 360 mm, fixed, 8 tube
630208 425 mm, fixed, 8 tube
630323 460 mm, fixed, 8 tube
630017 Cylindrical nozzle, 8 tube

16-Tube Sprayheads

630326 230 mm, fixed, 16 tube
630336 260 mm, fixed, 16 tube
630363 365 mm, fixed, 16 tube
630369 425 mm, fixed, 16 tube
630366 515 mm, fixed, 16 tube
630340 Cylindrical nozzle, 16 tube

8-Tube Sprayhead Nozzles

630017 Cylindrical
630018 Flat
630019 8 orifice
630166 Pinpoint

16-Tube Sprayhead Nozzles

630391 Flat
630390 8 orifice
630392 Pinpoint

Benefits of Tribomatic Spray Guns

N Tribomatic II spray guns deliver powder output comparable to corona-charge spray guns through its unique friction-charging design. This results in superior coating efficiency, high film-build capability and excellent finish quality. 

The friction-charged powder particles effectively overcome Faraday cage effect for superior coverage of complex-shaped parts with deep recesses, contours and corners.

Delivery Date:1-2daysitems:Wide range of accessories
compatibility:100%Different materialavailable:yes
OEM service:yes ,according to drawing or samplehow to order:according to nordson item number
how to delivery:by couriermodel:Encore,Sure Coat ,Versa-Spray,
sample:supplied for testing qualityhow lont it will take to your place:after payment 2-4 working days
safe business:yes ,can by paypal

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